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Subsidized child care for essential workers during COVID-19 epidemic.

If you would like to be considered for essential worker subsidized childcare during the moth of June. Please complete the essential worker application and the self certification documents . (see below)


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COVID-19 changes to our program.

April, 24 2020

Hello Families,

We are all looking forward to returning to work on May 1, 2020. We do need to know who will be returning to school on May 1st, this will allow us to plan for our staffing numbers. We will be continuing some of the same safety policies as we had prior to the closure on March 31st. I will list the specifics and any new changes we must follow as stated by the CDC and State Licensing Department of Ca. Things are different now, but they are also better for everyone, as we navigate through the COVID pandemic. Things will also morph with time, so please stay connected through
If you are planning to return in May, please log into and pay your invoice by next Thursday. This allow us to understand who will be attending, how many of our staff members can return to work, supplies needed for opening and to prepare classrooms. We will not be offering a partial month as we cannot do that to our staff members. This means if you plan to return mid-May you will need to pay tuition for all of May.
The following procedures will remain in place

  • • All children must arrive by 8am

  • • No lunch boxes (no Tupperware, and no containers they will be tossed.) Use plastic bags for pasta or other items that need heating up, we have paper bowls and utensils on site.

  • • Provide your child water bottles or boxes of milk if you want to send liquids. (No juice boxes, juice bags or other sugary drinks please save those things for home as we will just toss them) Infant bottles must continue to be pre-made.

  • • Time to replenish sunscreen and a reminder to apply in the morning prior to drop off.

  • • If you already brought a bag of clothes those are to remain on sight so we can handle the changing and maintenance of the clothing within the walls of the center.

  • • All blankets and soft items must be washed at home every day.

  • • Children must arrive clean, and in clean clothes. No backpacks, toys or other outside items will be allowed in the school. (Don’t worry we have lots of toys on hand.)

  • • Children cannot attend sick or with any symptoms: fever, cough, runny noses (yellow or green), sneezing, diarrhea, vomiting or any condition which may pass to staff or other children in the program. If your child arrives sick, they will be required to stay home for two consecutive days.

  • • Temperatures will be taken at the door in the morning and randomly throughout the day for children and staff.

  • • If your child does become sick at school parents must pick up within the half hour of being called. Parents who do not pick up their child within this time frame, will be dismissed from Laura’s Barn permanently out of respect to everyone.

  • • State of California’s licensing requirements for the Center. We must follow the following rules: If a child has a cough and a fever, we must close the center for 24-hours for proper cleaning and sanitizing of the center. If the medical team of a child or the parent has been informed that they may have COVID-19, the center will be shut for the

  •   24 hours for proper cleaning and sanitation. If the child or parent is being tested for COVID-19, the center will close and remain closed until the results of the test are completed. If the test is negative, the center will reopen after additional cleaning and sanitation has happened. If the test is positive, the center will be closed for 14-days.

  • • Laura’s Barn will trump a physician's note when necessary. Notes from the doctor that state your child “is sick but can return to daycare” will not be honored. We have state laws to follow. Children must be healthy to return to school. If you have two children in the program and one is ill the other must stay home as well.

  • • Parents of infants will need to store car seats outside the building. Intake of children will begin at 7:30am and will end at 8:00am. Pick up times 4:30. Please ring the bell and we will bring your child out to you. As you wait outside please respect the social distancing of six feet between others. Hours are 7:30-4:30

We at Laura’s Barn will be doing everything humanly possible to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff. We thank you for your understanding of these policies. It will be a new way of living for a while.
Thank you,

Laura Hair
Evelyn Weimer

Laura's Barn Child Care Center
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