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Laura's Barn Infant Curriculum incorporates sign language, exposure to both English and Spanish, a plethora of stories, tummy time, and strengthening activities. 


Laura's Barn Toddler Curriculum builds upon the infant program by incorporating outdoor activities, crafts, and structured schedules.

Young Pre-K

Laura's Barn Young Pre-K enriches the toddler curriculum by incorporating cooking, gymnastics, and science for children aged two and above.

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Laura's Barn Pre-K is dedicated to preparing children for school. Our curriculum builds upon existing programs, equipping students with the necessary skills for their next journey into Kindergarten..

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Play is at the heart of Learning Beyond Paper's curriculum, facilitating joyful learning and the development of self-regulation, language, cognitive and social skills, and content knowledge. Recognizing play's fundamental role, our curriculum incorporates play-based learning across all age groups, ensuring that play is a core component of the educational experience. 


Laura's Barn offers a full-time program for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. Our commitment to the well-being of our students is unwavering, reflecting our dedication to providing top-quality care. While the curriculum for infants and toddlers is predominantly play-based, we sought to enhance our offerings. Teaming up with Learning Beyond Paper in 2023, we were thoroughly impressed by the enhancements it brought to our program. By January 2024, all our centers had adopted this curriculum, providing weekly updates on your child's learning experiences. After thorough research, we concluded that this curriculum aligns best with our play-based approach to learning.

Laura's Barn

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